As technology upgrades, so does the education sector. Nowadays,  the Universities have their own portal for students’ benefits. Similar is the case of Graphic Era University. To reduce the complexity and enhance learning Graphic Era has introduced ERP Gehu portal. Well, here in this article we are going to learn its benefits, features, services and more information. So, get ready to learn more about the online portal. 

    Overview of ERP Gehu

    ERP Gehu is an Education based University Portal. It has been specially created for the students and faculty of Graphic Era University. Well, as it is a university portal it has various features and benefits to offer. From Notes to Attendance graph all can be covered under one platform. 

    Main Characteristics of ERP Gehu

    To understand any online platform one needs to first learn the basic features and benefits it offers, So, in that case mentioned below are few of the characteristics of ERP Gehu one can avail. 

    • Resources: The student can have easy and reliable resources for their studies. It can be easily found under one platform. The resources are mainly provided by the teachers or the faculty members. 
    • Flexibility: The study material or any other information on the website can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Also, teachers can review the assessment without fail and at any time. 
    • Time Management: The Portal saves a lot of time for the students. They can also learn time management skills by organizing the activities. Moreover, the annual calendar guides the students in setting priorities for the assignments. 
    • Improved Performance: From Students, Teachers to University Staff all can have track of their performance, It helps to improve the performance and gain better results. 
    • Customized Experience: One can customize their experience by using filters. They can assign tasks and a lot of time in order to motivate themselves. 

    Process to Register on ERP Gehu

    The registration on the ERP Gehu is officially done by the Graphic Era University. The student does not need to follow any online registration process. The registration is officially done by the University. The student needs to provide a little information to the registrar department. Information such as: Name, Email, Mobile Number, Age, Gender, Course and more. Once the registration process is complete the student is considered as a Member of the University. 

    ERP Gehu Login Procedure 

    ERP Gehu Login

    Once the registration is done, the student receives the Login Id and Password. Through which one can login into the university page. The process one needs to follow for the login into ERP Gehu are as follows: 

    • Step 1: With the help of an internet connected device, open the Browser of your preference.
    • Step 2: Search and Navigate to the official ERP Gehu site. 
    • Step 3: Once the official site is visible, the student needs to fill in the information such as User Id, Password and Captcha. 
    • Step 4: Recheck the information before proceeding. Click on the Login Button given below the Login Page. 
    • Step 5: Hence, now the user is successfully logged in into their official university student Id. 

    How to Reset ERP Gehu Login Password?

    In case, if the user has misplaced or forgotten the student password, they can simply follow a few of these steps to recover their ERP Gehu Id. Well, these steps are as follows: 

    • Step 1: As the user has successfully opened the official Login page of ERP Gehu. There, One will find the Forgot Password button on the login page. 
    • Step 2: Choose the “Forgotten Password?” option.
    • Step 3: Soon the password reset page will appear on the screen. Fill in the details such as User Id, Email Id and Date of Birth. 
    • Step 4: Click on the Reset option given below. 
    • Step 5: The user will receive a reset password link on their official registered Mail Id. 
    • Step 6: Hence, the user can now reset or change their password without fail. 

    How to Reset ERP Gehu User ID?

    Forgetting Password is nothing new. But, in the fast paced world many times the user may forget their official ERP Gehu user Id. In order to recover your own user Id the user needs to follow few of these steps: 

    • Step 1: Visit the official Graphic Era University Student login Page. 
    • Step 2: Navigate to the official “Forgot Id” option given below on the login page. 
    • Step 3: Once clicked on the option the user will be navigated to a new page. There one needs to fill in the information such as Mobile Number and Date of Birth. 
    • Step 4: Click on the Verify option. Once the data matches to the initial data, the user will soon receive the User Id information. 

    Services Available at ERP Gehu

    Using the ERP Gehu University Student portal, one may avail various services at tip of their finger. Few of these services are mentioned below for better understanding:  

    • Fee Payment Option: The student can pay and check the fee payment status online. It saves a lot of time and also helps the environment. Using this tool the student can pay their fees anytime and from anywhere. 
    • Attendance Check: The student can keep an update on their attendance graph. It is helpful to track the attendance record easily. One may keep a check on how many lectures are required to fulfill the attendance criteria. 
    • Study Material: The portal provides the study material to the students without any issue. Teachers can also use these study materials to draft test questions for assessment. This may help the student for better understanding of the topic without changing the platform from time to time.  
    • TimeTable: The Educational platform is easily accessed by each and every member of the university. Everyone can keep a check on the timetable, in order to not miss any important class. The examination time table is also shared here in order to keep the students, teachers and others in check. 
    • Academic Report Card: The student, even the parents and teachers keep a check on the student’s academic progress. It helps the students to focus more and improve their academic results. 
    • Cloud Storage:  The educational university portal provides a reliable cloud storage. The students can store their papers, digital files, projects, homework and assignments here. This also works in the favor of the Teachers. From easily collecting the assessment to keeping a track of the assignment submitted, it makes it all easy and saves time as well. 


    In conclusion, ERP Gehu is a university student based educational portal. It is introduced mainly for the Graphic Era University Students. Well, one can avail various features and benefits without fail. Moreover, from its features, characteristics, Access Procedure to its services. All the information has been covered above.  

    Disclaimer: All the information related to ERP Gehu is well researched. It is provided for informational purpose only. One needs to visit the official website before relying on any information.